These days book I'm reading - Keep Going It has an entire chapter titled

You are allowed to change your mind”

He talks about how we are “afraid” to change our mind, as it (now a days) indicates “weakness”.

Some interesting quotes from this chapter :

I thought I was wrong about everything. I was wrong about that too.

If you’ve never changed your mind about something, pinch yourself; you may be dead.

.. be open to possibility and allow yourself to be changed.

(My full notes about the book here)

One of the problems I had when blogging was assigning Categories.

I can understand tags, there are usually a LOT (I assume that is expected.) I assumed Categories need to be “limited” - Somehow I started using categories and tags interchangeably.

That did not make sense.

Initially (pelican, nikola) there used to be one category for a post (and multiple tags)

But with hugo - even multiple categories are supported.

This added to (my) confusion.

I used to grep categories in the older posts so that I can use consistent categories. It was painful.

It never occurred to me to completely get rid of them. Till now.

Initially I had Categories and Tags are menus, so that readers can find posts that belong to specific taxonomy. But I am not sure how many regular readers I have.

So starting with this blog, I've decided to not use categories for the new posts.

I've also removed Categories for the old posts.

Photo by Ross Findon