look back

Earlier I wrote about how Jan 1st is not a special date in any way.

While I still believe that for starting something new, or changing, calendar years give us well defined time against which we measure progress (and make plans. Or is it the other way around ?)

365/366 days is well agreed upon time. So it is as good as 30 or 90 days.

While we can “start” any day and “look back” approximately 360 days later, we are more likely to do that when everyone considers starting a new year.

Enough defending my (conflicting) views.

Let us look at 2019


  • I switched themes for both my blogs
  • Wrote 9 blog posts during first half (and none during the second half. See the next point.)
  • Started seriously using TiddlyWiki. That has been my most updated “blog” (?) in later part of 2019. I have written about friction-less blogging. TiddlyWiki is the closest to zero friction. The file is an HTML. I only have to git push is every once in a while (Thus TW on my machine is more up to date than published one.)


Udemy courses

  • Pen and Ink Sketching (completed)
  • Android
  • Kotlin

I started learning Elm using various free resources, but dropped it. I might pick it up again at a later date though.

Drawing - Sketching

I did not post lot of my sketches on my blog. But I posted more on instagram (less friction to publish directly from the phone).

16 on instagram, only 5 of those on my own site.

I drew a lot more throw away sketches for my kids, but did not always take pictures.


I was without assignment one third of the year.

It allowed me to focus on learning. But to be honest, I tried to “start learning” too many things. (See section about learning)

My last assignment was with Niteo. I consider it to be time most well spent. I wish I could have continued longer.

While at Niteo, my MBP “died”. I think it was SSD. Got it repaired by “local” shop much cheaper than official one. So far so good. 🤞 I rented a dell laptop and installed Ubuntu (and once my MBP was back, Deepin) on it. The development tasks were easy/same as macOS. But I have grown used to macOS now.

Plans for 2020

Reviewing my similar sections from past review posts, I have realized that I was very bad at predicting future and planning for it. (There are some people who plan and follow thru, and I admire them, and want to be like them.) able to

Some of the things I see myself continuing is use of TW. I also started another TW - which is personal. I'm using it as my online diary. Since no one is gonna see it, I feel less conscious.

I am trying to use it for “Morning Pages” (Originally Julia Cameroon, made popular by Tim Ferriss)

Smart reader may have noticed that there is no review for 2018

Photo Credit : Nathan Anderson