Thumbnail Sketches

Thumbnail Sketches of creepers

I learned about thumbnail sketches in one of the skillshare classes I took a while ago. The teacher suggested that we draw very small sketches to hash out the idea. Map the elements in the entire space etc. After drawing couple of thumbnails about the same topic, we select the one that we like the most.

I never did any such thing - mostly because I hardly draw that way, where I pickup a topic, think of various ways I can represent it etc. None the less, the idea was fascinating. Thumbnail sketches can be really nice. Teacher actually coloured some of them as well, in order to plan how it will appear in the final sketch.

Today, I wanted to show my son how to draw various trees for his school work. Without thinking, I drew a couple of thumbnails for him.

So even if one does not apply something that they learnt immediately (or in the field where it was meant to be applied) it looks like it is always beneficial. It stays with you, and comes back to you when you need it (whether you know it or not)




Last night we watched live action “Aladdin” with the family - on TV.

First reaction - I liked the animated one better. Second reaction - I liked the animated one better.

It might sound strange - but animated Aladdin and Genie actor “acted” better than their live action counter parts.

Live action Jasmine (Naomi Scott) was better than the animated one.

They changed a story a little. I don't remember “throwing Ali into the water” scene from the animated movie.

When Jafar threw Aladdin “to the other side of the world” - it felt like he was in “real” danger while watching the animated one. In the live action one, not so much.

Final “battle” also seemed to matter in the animated movie when Jafar trapped Jasmine in the time piece. Not so much in the live action.

Same with “Getting out of the Cave”

I think the difference may be watching in the movie hall (Animated) Vs TV

I did like the dance routines, and Prince Ali's parade. They looked awesome.

It might be unfair to compare Will Smith to Robin Williams - but Will Smith had his moments. We laughed at couple of his jokes (which I don't remember from the animated one)

None the less, Kids enjoyed this one a lot. Elder one remembered a little bit of the animated one.



I read about focus mate. Main principle is Human Accountability. You start a video session with a stranger and just do your work. This happens while the video camera is ON. I suppose just the fact that someone is watching you, alone prevents you from procrastinating.

I can see it working for at least some personality types, for whom external accountability matters more. (Obligers) I assume people for whom internal accountability matters do not procrastinate at all. (I may be wrong)

Then there are rebels (As per Gretchen Ruben's personality types) who do not give a damn one way or the other. I suppose such people may not even want to start a session.just because …

I'm gonna try it. They have a few free sessions, just to try out.

Photo Credit : Chase Clark