Derek Sivers says

A new year begins when there’s a memorable change in my life. Not January 1st. Nothing changes on January 1st.

I recently started reading Austin Kleon's book Keep Going

In it he mentions that making gifts for others gives you joy.

Origami Frog and Finger Puppet

I spent New Year Eve 2019 making these for my kids. (6 and 4 as of this writing) My spouse had to work late (work deadline) and it was just 3 of us.

We had a lot of fun.

Making either of these is not possible for kids of their age.

For the finger puppet, the glue had dried, plus it was messy, and it stuck more to my thumb than to the material it was supposed to stick to 😂

The Origami frog had too many complex folds.

So neither of them could make it, but they were happy “watch” me do it.

Elder one “decorated” the frog with eyes and green color. He did a good job, if I may say so.

At their age - do not understand the concept of time, yet*. So they didn't care there was no “celebration” for the new year. It was just like any other night. They were happy to spend time with their father. 🥰

I don't care either.

For those who care :

Happy New Year 2020