Some of the highlights of the year gone by

Moved to spacemacs

I had started experimenting with spacemacs around late 2015. In 2016, I completely switched to spacemacs. I'm consciously saying spacemacs, because although it is “emacs” I am used to spacemacs keybindings, and may not be able to use “plain” emacs on any other system. (Turns out it is said that unlike vi/vim, no two emacs users can use each others system, because of heavy personal customizations.😉 )

I used spacemacs mainly for python development, but used org-mode as well.

I tried using mu4e partially successfully for a while, but gave up. Time to give it another go in 2017.


Wrote 28 posts on my (relatively) new blog Not enough on this blog though. I mean to combined both of them this year. See

Why it worked ? I had clear focus about what to write about. Also, I had decided to “just ship it” rather than keep editing the draft till it is perfect.


Did about 25 sketches.

Some of the initial ones are scanned/uploaded almost as a second thought (and it was. They were drawn to amuse my son, hence “any” paper would do.)

Later I because a bit conscious. Now I draw for myself. Hence better “paper”, background etc.

Shipped Product

In 2016, I shipped one more product. This is my third product which I created from the ground up. Earlier two products are in web2py.

This time around, I did several things differently.

  • Used REST API + Javascript for the front end - style architecture. (Just to be clear, I created the REST API, someone else worked on the web app and the android app)
  • Used Python Eve framework (based on flask)
  • Started writing unit test cases (using pytest). Helped a lot with a big refactoring effort.
  • Wrote API documentation using sphinx
  • Used gitlab (Earlier products used privately hosted git repo)

Plans for 2017

  • Start using golang seriously
  • Email within spacemacs
  • Continue blogging
  • Continue drawing